Blupimania II / Eggbert Mania Epsitec SA 2003

The yellow egg-shaped character, Blupi, must navigate his way through one level after another in this puzzle game to find his balloon after which he floats upwards to the next level. In a 3D environment, Blupi must clear a path through crates and different barriers. He can push but not pull a crate, plus operate different machinery and cranes he comes across. You can give commands for Blupi to execute in sequence, then you can watch him perform the moves. Different items to use are gradually introduced on different levels including: mines, cranes, traps, catapults, tunnels, pushers, crazy robots, doors, diving boards, large balls, window panes, perforators, cages, bombs, force potions, glue potions, carts and destructors. Sometimes there are more than one Blupi on the level. There are 80 levels with different themes: futuristic, pirate, laboratory, factory, volcano, movie set, dressers-and-drawers, scary castle, ice and swamp locales. In addition to puzzle mode, there is challenge mode with extra "cool" (easier) or "hard" (more difficult) puzzles. There is also the Workshop - a level editor where you can create new puzzles to share with others. In 2017, the game was made freeware.
ISO Demo 50MB (uploaded by Wastrel)
Freeware ISO v1.3 + Manual 41.6+2.91MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Eggbert Mania - Portuguese ISO Demo 145MB (uploaded by BR4ZIL)

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