Cinderella, The: Pure Dream [Ru] Babilon / Macho Studio 2007

This adventure takes you a thousand years into the future. It's a new Cinderella story - sensual and frank - happening in the world of a post-nuclear catastrophe. In a city where there are remnants of civilization, lives a pretty young girl named Cinderella. A wicked stepmother - not a man but a modified radiation mutant - doesn't let her go to the royal ball. While residents of the real war clamor for an invitation card... So begins the story of the new Cinderella - full of juicy situations and seductive scenes. It features a fantastic arrangement of a known story with a lot of candid situations; an original mix-style "cyberpunk" and erotic adventure. Venue is a huge city is populated by mutants, vampires and the remnants of the human race. There's stylish surroundings, and a combination of ancient weapons with the technology of the future.
Russian DVD ISO Demo (provided by hfric & upped by Scaryfun) 905MB

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