Dangerous Heaven Blue Label Entertainment / Nobilis, Virgin 2006

This is an interactive action movie based on a fantasy story that was released as a DVD-i. Through a series of extraordinary coincidences, two friends find themselves involved in an extraordinary epic of biblical proportions ... in the true sense of the word! The game's plot tells the story of a roamer that climbing Mount Ararat (Turkey) in 1973, made ​​a startling discovery - the remains of Noah's Ark, under the snow in perfect condition. If the scenario may seem convoluted, the pace offers a nice adventure. Your progress is punctuated by very cinematic works, including viewing angles promoting your involvement. As for interactivity, the game is divided into two distinct parts: a variety of puzzles that do not disorient enthusiasts adventure games, and action where your reflexes in sequences are tested. This is the right time to press the right button on the remote control of your DVD player.
Spanish DVD ISO Demo 5.20GB (uploaded by AbandonSocios)

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