Crow, or How Ivan the Fool Went for Treasure [Ru] ONP Software 1992

Russian parody game tells the story of Ivan the Fool's campaign to get treasure of while meeting characters of Russian fairy tales. It's a sequence of several unpretentious arcade mini-games, the only unifying element of which is the very name of the crow, always present as a decorative or interactive element in each of them. It has 6 different games with different genres - fights, racing, puzzle and walker. It has very good graphics (there is a change of day and night). Meet the scientist cat in Lukomorie with rejuvenating apples, catch up with Emeli to the hut on chicken legs, find Baba Yaga's secret location to get a magic weapon that can defeat the evil Serpent Dragon guarding the treasure which falls in the swamp in The Frog Princess. You can choose from three difficulty levels that affect the health of the starting opponents, their aggressiveness, the distance between the hummocks in the marsh, and other factors designed to complicate the life of the player.
Russian Full Demo + Updated version with support for joystick, Sound Blaster, OPL2-music and overdubbing effects. 733kb+896kb (uploaded by

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