Last Door, The: Season 2 The Game Kitchen 2014

This season will no longer be offering chapters free. Prelude: The Mask With No Eyes is a free short interlude before Season 2 starts. Once again, the inner circle is gathering. Now the eyeless mask rests upon the face of a new bearer. Chapter 1: The Playwright (Nov 3) takes place in an asylum for lunatics, where the doctor of the protagonist of the first season travels to in order to discover the story behind Alexandre Du Pré, one of the protagonist's friends who is involved in the overarching mystery. Chapter 2: My Dearest Visitor (Apr 6/2015) Wakefield and Kaufmann travel to the sea village of Wickport to meet Kaufmann's mentor, whose research is closely related to what the pair have learnt about the Playwright and Devitt's disappearance. Chapter 3: The Reunion (Aug 21/2015) After the unsettling events of the previous episode, a single memory has driven Wakefield to obsession: a strange word pronounced in the dark. It was the name of an ancient place in a certain Irish island. Chapter 4: Beyond the Curtain (Jan 15/2016) After forcibly crossing into the Veil, Wakefield explores the land of fog, where the final truth will be revealed.
Collector's Edition - GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.3 + Flac Soundtrack 224+551MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Prelude: The Eyeless Mask - Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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