Sid Meier's Pirates! MicroProse Software, Inc. 1987

Take on the life of a buccaneer in the golden age of Caribbean Piracy! This game lets you choose from 6 different "ages" (for example, "The Silver Empire" from 1560-1600, "War For Profit" from 1640-1660, etc.), one of 4 nationalities (English, French, Dutch, Spanish), 4 difficulty levels, and one of 5 special abilities (skill at fencing, skill at navigation, etc.). Nine different types of ships were represented. The goal of the game is to retire with as much gold and land as possible, as many ranks/titles as possible (Colonel, Admiral, Marquis, Duke), and a wife. Finding long lost relatives helps too. You accomplish these goals by plundering cities, capturing and sinking enemy ships, getting in good with governors to receive titles, learn news of "evil Spaniards" holding your relatives, capturing evil pirates, etc. The game is educational, as you will learn about piracy through the thoroughly researched manual. You'll smell the sea salt as you participate in wild sword fights, desperate sea battles, and daring attacks by land. Pirates! was released in several different versions for the PC; the original 1987 game (which came on a self-booting disk), a 1989 DOS rerelease (otherwise functionally identical to the booter version), a 1991 release which came on high density floppies and only had the manual copy protection, and the 1994 edition which was a fully modernized CD-ROM game with VGA graphics. The 16-bit versions of Pirates! have an extra feature where governors assign you missions that was not in the 8-bit versions.

See also: Pirates! Gold, Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004)

included in The Best Of Microprose (1993) - ISO Demo 96MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
1994 DOS Version Full Demo 393kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Floppy Image ISO Demo (provided by basseta & upped by Scaryfun) 278kb

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