Necronomic├│n: El Libro Maldito [Sp] OLR Soft 1998

Necronomicon, the book of the damned, symbol of the forces of evil, has unleashed its fury. The player must destroy it before it becomes a hell on Earth, but runs the risk of Freddy Krueger, an ally of evil, killing him before completing his task. The Necronomicon is used as key for the dark to cross the threshold into this world. The prophecy says that on 09/09/99 day at 0.00h this will take place. Destroy it before this dark power is unleashed on earth. This game belongs to the product line based on the film world that OLR Soft launched on October 15, 1996 under the name Game Movies Collection. This series included under the same title, this game and a work of multimedia query, both related to the seventh art. This consisted of 4 titles, each dedicated to a different genre (fantastic, action and adventure, horror, comedy), and composed of two CD-ROM, an adventure, and a work of interactive query that includes 100 years of cinema for each genre.
Spanish ISO Demo 86MB (uploaded by AbandonSocios)

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