60th Anniversary of Stanislaw Lem's First Publication Google Inc. 2011

In honour of the 60th anniversary of the original publication of his first book, Astronauci, Google presented a protracted Doodle on their frontpage dedicated to the Polish science-fiction author Stanisław Lem. This interactive diversion follows an inventor through three mini-games inspired from Lem's writings: three rounds of a mathematics duel with a giant robot calculator who makes it difficult to input correct answers, three iterations of a waveform-matching game, and three shots of an artillery game, shooting accomplices out of a cannon and on to a nearby cubical satellite. Upon the conclusion of all three games, the inventor's invention is assembled and it invokes some words beginning with the letter "N" -- varying according to how many times the game has been played.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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