Disney's The Emperor's New Groove: Groove Center Public Technologies Multimedia, Inc. / Disney Interactive Studios 2002

Disney's The Emperor's New Groove: Groove Center is an activity game for children based on the Disney movie "The Emperor's New Groove". The game features four mini games with arcade and puzzle gameplay. "Kroc Krusher" has you saving the llama Kuzco from crocodiles while swinging from beneath a rope bridge. You can spit against the bridge to have boards of wood fall on the crocodiles. "Kornotopia" requires you to plant, grow, water and harvest bumper crops. You have to be aware for natural hazards that might harm your crops. "Yzmania!" is a color recognition game where different coloured enemies swarm the player, using potions which can be thrown the player can transform them, but he can only transform them when the platform he's on equals the colour of the enemy. "Loomation" allows you to create an animated tapestry. You can watch the animations, print it or send it via e-mail to friends and family. Online you can buy new components to be used in your tapestry.
Full ISO Demo (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Full Demo with PCem Win98 emulator 245MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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