Alice and the Space Dragon [Ru] Babilon / Akella 2006

At the end of the XXI century, it's no surprise that an ordinary Moscow schoolgirl Alice Selezneva is sent into space to complete her thesis. Flying in the ship "Pegasus-2", the girl gets the message that humanity is in danger, and all ships must return to base. In 2005, someone unknown stole a unique diamond "The Eye of the Dragon" - with his help they are able to change the course of history. Only returning to the past, can you stop the villains and return the priceless artifact. Being closest to the time hole leading to 2005, Alice, do not hesitate to rush to the aid of humanity! It features: favorite childhood book heroes McGee and new friends, excellent cartoon graphics and excellent animation, a lot of intricate riddles and puzzles, and built arcade mini-games.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.03GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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