Disney's Reading Quest with Aladdin Jones and Jones Multimedia / Disney Interactive Studios 1998

Kids will be whisked away on a quest of learning that will build essential reading skills and challenge imaginations. Genie, Jasmine, Iago and the gang are all here to cheer kids on with encouragement and helpful hints as they improve their reading skills and help free Aladdin. Through adventurous activities that build phonics, vocabulary and reading comprehension, learning has never been so much fun. Kids will want to come back again and again to the non-stop action and thrilling 3-D interactive environment. Help Save Aladdin by Completing Challenges in Each Environment: Agrabah's Marketplace - There's a challenge around every corner in this rich, 3-D environment that lets you pan around in full 360 degrees; Spin the Word Wheel - Complete words on the wheel by matching missing letters or consonant blends; Word Changer - Sharpening your spelling skills and learning to recognize letters is all part of the challenge; Word Squares - Listen closely, as Genie calls out words that you try to identify to place four chips in a row; Letter Runner - Lead Abu through the obstacle of ladders and ropes to grab the vowels you need to complete the unfinished word; Solve the Puzzle - Complete the sentences using reading comprehension, grammar and sentence structure skills and you'll receive the key to the Tunnel's secret passage; Story Wall - Become a storyteller with reading comprehension, sequencing and chronology as your tools. When your story is complete, Fafool will free Aladdin and you are off to the Cave of Wonders; The Dungeon - You have to use the skills you've learned to get through this tricky environment; Dungeon Door - Test your skill at identifying word families and patterns and unlock the door to the dungeon to save Aladdin; River of Fire - Build words by matching word endings and beginnings to complete the bridge that will allow you to cross the River of Fire; The Tunnel - Listen to Genie and he'll guide you through the challenging Tunnel activities; Tapatan - Use word identification, antonyms and compound words as you beat Fafool at three in a row; Cave of Wonders - Complete the final challenge by reading and following instructions to put Jafar where he belongs...behind bars. Created with the help of leading educators, it offers educational challenges that will develop essential reading skills for grades 1 through 3 including: Phonics, Spelling, Letter recognition, Sentence Structure, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Story Chronology, Word and Letter Sound.
ISO Demo 532MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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