Mr. Tomato Infinite Dreams / L.K. Avalon 1997

This is a platform game that graphically resembles Bubba 'N' Stix, an enhanced version of Amiga game of the same title, released two years earlier. The story remains unchanged. The main character is a boy trapped in a comic book. The aim is to escape from the comic book filled with a variety of forest animals and deadly traps like spikes, collect diamonds and coins. The player may move in all directions, throw tomatoes and use a tomato rifle. 33 diamonds allow to move to the next board and 5 coins give an extra energy. Taking out enemies is done by throwing tomatoes. In exchange for 20 coins a rifle can be acquired. The rifle may be pointed in three directions. The game consists of three big stages divided into five levels each and last, fourth stage, played inside the computer, where the player will encounter all the enemies encountered in the game. After each level a password is obtained.
Full Demo 3.6MB (uploaded by

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