Nobody Knows About Sex ... Except Father Makara [Ru] Saturn + / Akella 2006

This humorous game has appeared after the premiere of the dazzling comedy movie "No one Knows about Sex". This funny story tells about the adventures of the brave old man Makar who heads for the capital of Russia after his grandson. The old man from a quiet Siberian area is a fast worker and will make it hot for Moscow citizens. Right after the start of the game, the old man has problems with militia and is put behind bars. However, it is not that easy to break the spirit of the hunter from the taiga wilderness! The old man will solve the mystery of the ancient Chinese writings on the birch. He will rip away the mask of the famous TV anchorwoman and go mad at the spicy reality-show "No one Knows about Sex".
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 707MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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