Zone: Mishap In The Gulag Zone [Ru] Parusgames / Akella 2008

Zone is not a resort. It's you says Peter, an ordinary prisoner. One evening he accompanied her home and nothing soared. In a dark alley we were attacked by some thugs, and he got into a fight. What am I, not a man or what? As a result, he sat for a while in jail, and in an area fell under the harsh Siberian forest sun. Life here has different laws. Get used to the guard in the towers and prison lunch. You begin to realize that you can live here as well. The main thing - do not cause trouble or rat on anyone. This is the first Russian adventure game about severe everyday life of a prisoner. Hilarious dialogue between the inhabitants of the "Zone". Colorful memorable characters, and graphics in the best traditions of the genre.
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Russian DVD ISO Demo 998MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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