Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor - Book II: The Village TiconBlu / Microïds 2015

1345: Satan's shadow lingers over the South of France. An evil shape started appearing in the sky during the summer solstice, and a killing plague has spread throughout the city streets ever since. Head Inquisitor Nicolas Eymerich believes that to hold back the contagion, the evil must be eradicated at the very source. But is he really struggling with evil entities? Or is his fanaticism forcing him to see evil where there is only unfortunate but natural events? Helped by Father Jacinto Corona, our determined hero will do everything to successfully hold back the scourge. Players will generally guide Eymerich through the game's graphically improved real-time 3D environments, but at times there will be a second playable character in the form of a Dominican priest named Father Jacinto Corona. Gameplay is fairly traditional, requiring observation and deduction skills as you collect inventory, solve puzzles, and converse with local characters (unleashing Eymerich's trademark scathing wit in the process) to find out more about the dark events that have brought him there. An integrated hint system and optional Latin subtitles are among the other features incorporated into the game.
ISO Demo 2.38GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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