Gulliver in the Land of Giants [Ru] Amber Company 1996

This contains an interesting and very high quality cartoon about the adventures of Gulliver in the land of giants, two training programs through which children can playfully take the first steps in the development of the English language, nice coloring musical performance that you can play on a regular CD-player, book with wonderful pictures and two exciting games. The first - a quest where you have to pass all the tests that Gulliver experiences in the country of giants, to solve a lot of mysteries and puzzles. In the second, the player will have to fight with four kinds of different monsters - huge grasshoppers, and gigantic dangerous wasps. A training program helps children learn the English names of different colors. Displayed on the screen of a painted picture appear the names of colors in English, and the problem for the child is to find them in the picture.
Russian Full Demo with DOSBox 148MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Russian ISO Demo 365MB (uploaded by

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