Freddy Hardest Dinamic Software 1988

The most irreverent playboy of all the galaxy, heir of a great fortune, has a totally irresponsible life, given to uncontrolled drunks, endless celebrations and excesses of all kind. After one of his last "little" parties he decided to take the controls of his spaceship in not very appropriated conditions to pilot, so our sidereal playboy went to play with meteorites under the effects of drunkenness. Evidently this diversion could not have finished very well, he crashed with a meteorite, lost the control of his spaceship and fell with it to planet Ternat's moon, where it's located the enemy base of Kaldar. Injured and laughing, he managed to left the smoky spaceship and slowly noticed that in such a place he wouldn't be received in a very friendly way. Already recovered of his dunk, Freddy Hardest, who although could not look it, is one of the most intelligent members of the Sidereal Free Planet Confederation's SPEA Agency Service of Counterespionage, he must start the adventure. A free fan remake was made in 2007 by Alex Belencoso.
Full Demo 68kb (uploaded by
Spanish Full Demo 75kb (uploaded by Computer Emuzone)
2007 Remake - Free Game 2.7MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)
Spanish Floppy Image ISO Demo (provided by basseta & upped by Scaryfun) 77kb

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