Luxor: Amun Rising MumboJumbo, LLC 2005

This sequel to to the arcade style action-puzzle game has players going on an adventure, travelling across a map of ancient Egypt, with each of the 88 levels getting progressively harder. There is a choice of three difficulty levels: easy, intermediate or expert. The player controls a winged scarab which travels side to side along the bottom of the screen. The player shoots one of seven colored spheres at a line of approaching spheres traveling along a path. You must prevent the spheres from reaching your pyramids, or the level is over. Making a match of three or more will make the enemy spheres explode. Exploding spheres can drop coins, which you collect to get extra lives. They can also drop power ups, which help to destroy the enemy spheres. The power ups are very helpful. There is a wild ball which matches any color, there's a lightning bolt that blasts through spheres, and a fireball that explodes any sphere in its blast radius. Other power ups make the approaching spheres slow down, stop or even reverse direction for a short time. One power up makes you shoot faster, and has a beam of light to aid with aiming. They added a new power up, the scorpion, which speeds out of the pyramid and destroys the first ten spheres it encounters. The player can create a profile, and the player's progress is stored for future play. If the game is lost, then the player can start a new game on the furthest stage attained. In 2012, Luxor: Amun Rising HD was released with high-definition graphics.
Luxor Bundle (1+Amun Rising) & Super Pack 1-9 (has Amun Rising HD) Full Demos 22MB/553MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
ISO Demo 210MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Luxor: The King's Collection - ISO Demo 191MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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