Solomon's Key Tecmo, Ltd. / U.S. Gold Ltd. 1988

This is a platform game based on a 1986 arcade game with both action and strategy elements. On each level your goal is to retrieve a key which can then be used to unlock the exit. To help out, you have a magic wand which can be used to create and destroy blocks (though some blocks can't be destroyed). In order to reach the key you will need carefully to arrange the blocks on the screen so you can jump your way around safely. Wandering around each level are a variety of enemies which will cause you to lose a life if you're caught. Some creatures can be killed by destroying the block they are standing on, others must be dodged. Hidden bonuses and magic can be found on many of the levels, sometimes even hidden in blocks. Some treasures give you bonus points, others can form magic spells to help deal with the enemies. To make the game more difficult, each level has a time limit in which it must be completed. A fan-made free remake by Zikitrake was released in 2007.
Full Demo 26kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
2007 Free Fan-Made Remake 1.1MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)

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