Pixel Story, A Lamplight Studios 2015

The evolution of video games has been a rapid one, progressing from the black-and-white vector screen games of the earliest arcades to contemporary photo-realistic epics in roughly 30 years. That's an evolution you'll play in this 2D puzzle-platformer. The game takes players through four graphical generations, starting with an escape from a Pong-style world, through the early home console generations, and up to more modern titles. The game was created as part of the University of Abertay's Dare to be Digital initiative. It blends challenging twitch-based platforming, increasingly complex game worlds and "a magical teleporting hat". It takes on a bit of a Tron-like flair, promising an epic quest through a giant fantastical computer system, though with a bit more of a historical approach, aiming to mimic and reflect the developments in video games over time. The earliest version of the game was developed over a mere nine weeks in 2012, but that prototype went on to win the team the Channel 4 Award and £25,000 in development funding.
ISO Demo 279MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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