Lassie: Interactive MovieBook Sound Source Interactive / Palladium Ltd. 1994

Based on the Paramount movie release LASSIE. This includes Text, film footage, pictures, sound effects, animations and fun learning exercises. Kids like to read books - and they love to watch movies. That's why Sound Source created the Interactive MovieBook Series. Based on current silver screen versions of classic children's tales, "boovies" (that's what our kids call them) combine text, animation, licensed, full-motion color film clips and 3-D sound effects. Features: Readers assemble jigsaw puzzle screens by answering reading comprehension questions at the end of each chapter; Many "hot" buttons animate when clicked, accompanied by 3-D sound; Many pages display a scene from the movie - many are full-motion video clips; Film strip buttons trigger movie clips, and display a preview of the scene; A "book mark" feature allows readers to mark their progress in the MovieBook; "Read To Me" button provides narration in either a boy's or girl's voice, while highlighted text accompanies the narration.
Clone ISO Demo 135MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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