Super Dune 2 PowerC 1994

Dune 2 was THE real-time strategy game that single-handedly created a new hot genre and catapulted Westwood to fame. Two years after its release, a group of Dune 2 fans created a special version of the game called Super Dune 2, which substitutes the original 3 Houses in the game for the Mercenary, Sardaukar, and Fremen, each with unique attributes (e.g. the Mercenary is invisible to radar, but cannot create any 4-block structures). The original Houses also do not disappear, but will show up to fight you from time to time. This is an ingenious modification of a classic, but recommended for experienced players only. There is an updated version of the mod called Super Dune II Classic, published by a different author in 2009. It fixes as many glitches and bugs in Super Dune 2 as possible, while keeping the original feel and features of the mod intact.
Free Game 6.4MB (uploaded by Free Game Empire)
Super Dune II Classic v1.5g 1.4MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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