Isbarah Leikir Studio / Neko Entertainment 2015

This is a cross-genre of bullet hell and platformer style, it's a hardcore 2d game and each level is a duel boss fight. You have the standard platformer game controls and bosses will fight like in bullet hell games. To survive, they have added three abilities to the gameplay: Slow Motion - Will enable a time slow down in order to give the player time to analyze the situation around them and to make a wise move; Dash - This ability allows you to make fast moves to any direction with perfect precision; The Barrier - you can use it as a shield or a platform, whether to protect yourself or to help you climb higher. Players will need to fully understand the boss patterns. It's built on smartly managing your powers and using them wisely to survive - everything in our game involves dodging and making smart movements. It has 90 unlockable contents, 3 difficulty modes, 18 epic fights. Live through the story of Isbarah with short comic strips in each level.
ISO Demo 782MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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