Hugo: Jungle Island 3 [PL] ITE Media, APS / 1C, Cenega 2004

This is another part of the adventures of a friendly troll named after Hugo, whom Polish players know mainly from Polsat television. This production, in terms of plot is a continuation of the two previous parts with the same title. The protagonist once again embarks on an exciting journey into the eponymous islet where the sinister witch Scyllia reigns. Together with his children, Hugo - or indeed the user - has to foil the plans of his greatest eternal enemy. In the course of the game we come across seven arcade mini-games: a young player collects diamonds, helps free the poor few, and takes part in a crazy battle of beetles and a memory game. Solving further tasks we will visit, among others, ancient Egypt and a unique place called Cafe Music. Different levels of difficulty (three levels) make it easy for children aged 6 to 12 years to solve puzzles, while the full, professional Polish language version combined with a less clumsy audio-visual setting makes the children of older players eagerly reach for this title.
Polish Full Demo 370MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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