Memphis Math: The Treasure of the Tombs WordPerfect Main Street / Novell 1994

Decimals, Fractions, Tombs & Mummies... This game helps with math, but it also gives you a bit of history concerning objects found in Egypt. It has the feel of an Indiana Jones adventure as you travel around 3 locations in Egypt, going from room to room inside famous locations to search for items, solve math problems, and attempt to find a secret treasure room. You're Dr. T. C. King, professor of mathematics, who must solve fraction, decimal, and percent problems to collect Egyptian artifacts. You must match wits with mythical Egyptian foes to reach the tomb of Tahp-Ra-men. (Get it? Top Ramen!) How clever, right? This multimedia CD adventure with lush graphics and sound creates an excellent backdrop to encourage practice in math problems. Settings adjust to your child's interest and skill level. Skills covered: fractions, percentages, and story problems. You'll need to find three missing pieces of a sacred scarab. Your search takes you to various archaeological sites where you pick up artifacts and, eventually, the scarab pieces. Along the way you must answer a number of word problems and solve mathematical equations. Answer incorrectly and you run into some nasty situations, like deadly snakes. It's for ages 8-14 with 180 captivating activities, over 1800 problems, priceless treasures to collect, and adjustable mastery levels.
Memphis Math: The Treasure of the Tombs and Read With Me 1 & 2 - OEM Clone ISO Demo 177MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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