Reading Blaster Vocabulary: Ages 9-12 Davidson / Knowledge Adventure 1999

This is another great Blaster educational game for kids ages 9 through 12 (for 4th, 5th and 6th graders). You and your kids find yourselves in a mysterious (could be haunted) mansion in Bizarroville to help Rave the Detective find out who's causing all the weird happenings. You'll use your vocabulary skills by solving puzzles and playing word games to collect the evidence that points to the perpetrator, one of seven party guests. As expected, this game has great graphics, music and sound effects to keep your interest. The program begins in the main menu, an out of this world background with several options to click on. Here, you can play the game, enter a the Blaster sticker maker, edit the word list and even get some tips for parents. Of course you'll want to jump right into the game which means a visit to the mansion to collect clues. You basically move from room to room interviewing the guests and looking for clues while using your Detective Kit which has a map (to navigate) and a notebook . In each room you'll find reading games and activities including an anagram game in the dining room, a mouse party in the kitchen (sentences), word definitions in the living room, crossword on the window in the sitting room, horse racing with words and more. This was repackaged also as Reading Blaster for 5th Grade.
Reading Blaster Vocabulary (1998) ISO Demo 349MB (uploaded by Egon68)
1997 ISO Demo v1.0c 252MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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