Journalist [Sw] Aniware / IQ Media 2000

You are in the role of a journalist writing articles for the newspaper Midköpingskuriren. You dig in the archives and records to obtain documentation for your articles. The game is developed for young people in the lower teens. As the newspaper competitor to publish the same type of article, you must fight against the clock and its time. When you write an article one must delve into all public registers, such as the Enforcement Authority, Tax Authority, the County Administrative Board, municipality, district court, etc. The editor gives you a mission, you must complete. It can be about anything that has happened or something that is happening. At the higher levels, you must on the next day make an equivalent sequel. There are different stages: Trainee, Contributor, Journalist, Murvel 1st stage, Murvel 2nd stage. One begins at intern and then advances. After Murvel 2nd stage, you get a Great Journalist Award. The assignments vary; they get harder and harder. Assignments include a saffron theft, a discriminated teachers, an assault, a secret sect and selling black spirits. You get a map of Midköping (the fictional city that the game takes place in), and then may be looking for information. In the workroom there is a phone where other sites and individuals stand. When you want to ask someone something, you go up to the person and make a question. The person will, in return, ask you a question, to test how much you know. The questions are of the type: entertainment, society, culture, nature, sports and technology. The people talk in a made-up language, so all is subtitled in Swedish. When you have gathered the facts, go to the boss. The boss asks you some questions about what you are doing. If you answer correctly, proceed to the next and so on. If not, the boss will be furious and you have to wait five hours. The game's script was written by game journalist Thomas Arnroth. Graphics are like that of a comic book.
Swedish Custom ISO Demo 388MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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