Nightfall: Escape Zeenoh Games / Zeenoh Inc. 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jun 26/2016 Unravel the mysteries of the abandoned mansion as you play the character of Ara Cruz in this thrilling first person survival horror game based on Philippine folklore. Ara Cruz, an aspiring female journalist, investigates an abandoned mansion after people went missing in an obscure town in Northern Philippines. Players are required to solve the mystery behind the tragic incident by exploring the maze-like mansion while pitted against popular monsters based on Philippine folklore - one false move and the game is over. Investigate as Ara and search for clues to find out what really happened in the mansion and to the family who lived there. Who knows what you can find? Sounds: Original compositions intensifies the suspense effect of the game. Players will be able to experience firsthand the terror of the game through the main character's point of view. Its 3D comic style graphics enhance the player's thrilling experience. The game's exquisite graphics also give useful hints to help the players progress in the game. The story is based on interesting historical events with very intriguing side stories which will be revealed one-by-one in an impressive cinematic approach.
ISO Demo 4.53GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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