Capoeira Legends: Path to Freedom Donsoft Entertainment 2009

This is one of the first Brazilian games for PC, the first Brazilian game done like all other games from abroad. It was made ​​with Blender and some other software, but being almost 100% Blender. The producers claim that spending to produce the game was around 1 million dollars, about 10% of what is spent in games abroad. It aims to involve the Brazilian culture in this media, taking the capoeira culture into the computer screen. The idea of ​​a Brazilian culture basically came about through research on games from abroad that are generally created based on their culture. It was made with the advice of the School of Capoeira Drinking Water and Master Vue, one of the biggest names in genuine Brazilian martial art. It's an action game and fight divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 was released in Portuguese and English for PC line of computers, and was the big winner of four awards at Nave Hi Future 2009, including Best National Game. Chapters 2 and 3 were in development, but never released. Use your skills to defeat your enemies and expand your Axe, using Cadence and Mandinga, on a journey towards the roots of true Brazilian martial art. The player is in the role of Gunga Za, a young and brave warrior capoeira whose mission is to defend your mocambo farmers from unscrupulous military who long for power at all costs. In this first episode, our hero responds to the urgent call from Morena to restore peace in Mocambo da Estrela. With Master Vue disappeared, it's up to Gunga Za to gather your friends to organize a counter attack. But the task will not be easy because the mocambo are entirely surrounding the complex designed to defend the inhabitants from the enemy. It was taken by regiments of foremen, captains of the woods and heavily armed soldiers.
Practice (Portuguese) + Chapter 1 (English/Portuguese + Manual + Soundtrack) Free Games 227+473MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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