Fragment of Her, A / Being Her Darkest Friend / Ceasing to be Her Demise Chronerion Entertainment 2015

A Fragment of Her (Feb) An interactive short story initially made for the Point & Click Jam 2014, following Selina, an aspiring art student, as she starts her studies at the University of Applied Art right after moving to the big city. An interactive Short Story with mature themes, over 40 minutes of gameplay/content, and beautiful hand-drawn VGA-style pixel-art graphics. Being Her Darkest Friend (Apr) Having spent years persecuted by the fanatical art teacher Seligmann, a young woman finds herself experiencing nightmarish versions of her past. She must solve some puzzles, discover more about herself, and find a way to wake up. Ceasing to be Her Demise (July/2016) The third and final episode of the trilogy features: Modern Point & Click Gameplay and Puzzles; Unsettling and mature story & themes; Dense and intense nightmarish atmosphere; Beautiful hand-drawn VGA-style pixel-art graphics; One-Click-Controls; 60+ minutes of challenging gameplay; English and German texts; Auto save function.
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Free Game Trilogy 4.2MB/13MB/53MB (uploaded by GameJolt)
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