Geograficus [G] P├╝hretmaier Ruske & Edutainment / Heureka-Klett Softwareverlag 2003

In the series of 3D edutainment adventures, you flip open the chapter "Earth" this time with "Geograficus". It deals mainly with physical geography and history of the earth. Regional or cultural geography is excluded to a large extent in this adventure, but the selected topics are already wide enough. The learning part, represented by a crystal, can be accessed during the whole game. The earth crystal is divided into 6 multi colour segments: The Blue Planet gives information about the earth within the solar system, Structure and Age of the Earth about the inside of our planet, The Dynamic Earth about continental drift while Unsettled Earth talks about volcanos and earthquakes. The topic erosion is found in Modeled Landscapes and the topic Mineral Resources is self explaining. Who believes now that it's a dry, academic game, can calm down, since the actual story is an imaginative fairytale far off disdainful data study and statistics.
German ISO Demo 600MB (uploaded by
Russian ISO Demo 643MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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