Master Blaze [J] Nihon Create / Taiwan Gamania digital technology. Co., Ltd. 1999

In this underground city rpg with endless monsters and many treasures, the player's task is to explore all layers and achieve the final salvation. Players will initially explore the highest floor, the exploration process will certainly encounter many unknown challenges, as the adventure map will gradually be revealed, when a layer of exploration is completed, the player can then go down a layer for more difficult challenges. In addition to killing monsters, you can also look to turn your opponents into your partners if they are at a lower level. As long as you tame the monster, there will be "fighting force spells" on the screen which will help you to get rid of a lot of monsters. And according to the properties of different monsters, players can catch them be they wind, fire, water, soil and other four different attributes. The monster attributes will affect the player's ability to attack. Jie allelopathy truth in! In challenging underground world, to find a suitable partner, accompanying himself a shut off to explore it, it will be at stake to be the last player obtained a total score. It has a blend of turn-based and real-time system characteristics, but there's a very real-time attack mode. If the player does not grab the opportunity, all the monsters with nor mercy attack you. In the original picture is carried out in all modes of warfare, in addition to weapons and armor of the property for consideration other than lethal monster, "terrain" in the game which can not be ignored as an important link to get "the commanding heights" of the first Machine is very important. As long as the players can stand taller than the enemy with a grid where his players are capable of more destruction.
Japanese ISO Demo 592MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Japanese Full Demo 55MB (uploaded by myloch)
Japanese Level Demo 55MB (uploaded by myloch)
Chinese Custom ISO Demo 407MB (uploaded by myloch)

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