Determinance Mode 7 Games 2007

This is a sword fighting simulator. Each player takes on the role of an immortal super warrior who have been fighting each another since times immemorial. On various planets they battle it out in sword fighting duels or free for all deathmatches for up to eight players over the Internet or LAN. It is also possible to fight against AI controlled bots. Each map is a fully 3D landscape in which the player's avatar is shown in third person perspective. The avatar can be moved around freely as can its sword. This is done using the mouse. For beginners the movement of the avatar can be automated, so that the player can fully focus on controlling the sword. Each movement the player makes with the sword is translated by an actual movement in the game. This allows players to develop their own sword fighting techniques.
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 146MB

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