War of Genesis II, The [K] Softmax 1996

The first The War of Genesis sequel finally cemented Softmax' position as the most successful PC game developer in Korea, with 75,000 copies sold it manages to exceed the expectations set up by its predecessor. It also makes it mostly obsolete, as the vastly extended plot contains most of the first game's story, polishing the mechanics' rough edges in the process, making this a sequel and a remake at the same time. The game is also much more varied, now with two starting scenarios to chose from (which eventually merge into the same story, though) and battles at sea and in the air. Being the single most revered Korean game of the DOS era, it's surprising that it's the only part of the series that never made it out of Korea.
Korean Clone ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 386MB

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