War of Genesis Side Story 2, The: Tempest [K] Softmax 1998

Tempest is a side story in the Korean-made series The War of Genesis. The protagonist is Sharn Hoiste, one of the characters who appeared in Rhapsody of Zephyr. A master thief, he is also the alter ego of Prince Clauzewitz, living in exile after the Pandragon family lost its reign to rivals. However, when his relative Princess Elizabeth Pandragon is driven out of the capital and pursued by the new regime, he changes his mind and becomes more actively involved in the political struggle. The game mixes role-playing and strategy elements. The player manages a team consisting of young women, training them in combat and various magic disciplines. Navigation is limited and is mostly confined to selecting locations from graphical menus; only individual locations such as important houses have physical third-person movement. Battles are dictated by the plot and are tactical in nature, the player often managing a large team across several screens. The view is side-scrolling, but characters can also move into the screen for a total of three rows.
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Korean 4CD ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 1.71GB

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