RoboCop 2D Park Productions 2004

This is an original freely released remake of the RoboCop arcade game and ports, made for Windows. It revolves around the first movie, and includes original music from the soundtrack and also video clips. It's a side-scrolling 'shoot-em up' game that has retained some of the elements of the arcade game such as ammunition styles (the 3-way expanding shots, the 'power' ammunition), but also adds new gameplay mechanics such as a 'bullet-time' feature called Overclocking, which is accomplished by collecting gray OCP icons, and upgrades to RoboCop's armor and systems by collecting gold OCP icons, as well as a special one-time use weapon that creates a 'rain of fire' effect that kills mostly all enemies in an area. It also features a special time attack mode and minigames that allow new features such as additional minigames and cheat codes to be unlocked.
included in Robocop vs The Terminator Collection 751MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Free Game 12MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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