RoboCop 2D 2: Robocop vs Terminator Park Productions 2005

This is a sequel to Robocop 2D. It includes original music from the soundtrack of Terminator and Robocop movies and also video clips. Robocop is back. This time Skynet is after Robocop, who is trapped in Los Angeles in the year 2029. Robocop 2D 2: Robocop vs Terminator is a side-scrolling shoot-em up game. Robocop walks from left to right shooting bad guys with guns and motorbikes. There is also weapon upgrades that will boost Robocop's weapons for a few seconds and health that will keep Robocop going. At the end of some levels there is a level boss that you have to defeat in order to proceed to the next level. The game also includes a Time Attack mode, 7 Challenge modes and 3 mini-games.
Free Game 16MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
included in Robocop vs The Terminator Collection 751MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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