National Geographic Society: Whales Discis 1994

Step into an adventure in learning in this educational cd-rom for ages: 4 to 9. Help children explore the world around them and discover a love of reading in the process. Developed with the National Geographic Society, this science and nature title combines award-winning photography with Discis' interactive learning software. Give your child a gift of learning that will last a lifetime. Children learn from pictures. They see an object's spelling and hear how to say it properly. And with hidden sound effects it's lots of fun. Reading is easier when each phrase is highlighted as the book reads along. Word highlighting and hearing them pronounced, helps dyslexic children read words in the right sequence. Readers can click for a slower pronunciation, or an in-context explanation to help them understand and learn from the story. These words are saved in a recall list which you can review with them. Change the features in a Discis CD-ROM to suit your child's individual needs. Slow down the reading rate, add another language, have words carefully pronounced in syllables...there are many options. Level One: Interest - Original Story, Text, Illustrations. Level Two: Motivation & Entertainment - Narration, Music, Sound Effects. Level Three: Phonics & Reading Skills - Pronunciation, Syllables, Part of Speech, Languages, Recall List. Level Four: Understanding - In-Context Explanation, Languages.
ISO Demo 498MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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