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Trying to better understand today's world? This not only gives you today's headlines, it also puts them into historical and geographic context. How did the Middle East become such a hot spot? What caused the rise and fall of Communism? How has technology affected today's world? Combining daily online news updates with relevant social, political and historical information, it helps you understand the background leading up to today's current events. Video documentaries specially produced by ABC News highlight global issues, such as education, health & medicine, and military affairs. Explore biographies of influential news-making personalities. Discover thousands of statistics and in-depth information about every country in the world. It keeps you better informed by providing context to today's news. Interactive Timelines: Scroll through history using dynamic timelines that highlight past and current events. Select key dates or images on the timeline to learn about important events and their relevance to today's global issues. Changing Borders Over Time: Explore changing borders to understand disputed territories in such regions as the Balkans and Middle East. 3D Political Globe: Explore every country in the world - their people, economies, political systems, and issues. Thousands of photographs highlight important events and the people behind them. Full-Screen Video Documentaries: Investigate global issues and trends, such as technology, human rights, economics and more. Time-Lapse Simulations: Watch the rise and fall of Communism, or the spread of AIDS over time. Get the Day's Top News Stories from ABC News Using WonderLink: WonderLink lets you down-load each day's top stories from America Online in seconds, exclusively for ABC NewsLinks users. Each story instantly links to relevant information on the CD-ROM, providing valuable context.
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