Bug Explorers Roaring Mouse Entertainment / Memorex-Telex N.V. 1996

Countless hours of educational learning activities. Join Buzz the super-spelling bumblebee, Daddio the artistic spider and all of their friends as you explore an interactive world filled with educational games, puzzles, videos and more. Bug Explorers will captivate kids for countless hours as they come back to play and learn again and again. No parents or manuals are necessary to explore this amusement park crawling with fun. Buzz the Bumblebee takes you on a journey filled with alphabet games and educational bug videos. Paint by numbers as you choose from many colors and insect pictures. Dot-to-dot, a coloring book and other fun activities empower children to create their own works of art. Be a contestant on fun gameshows with Scout the Ant to learn insect facts and develop identification skills. Create your own music, play simple simon, or listen and learn to musical favorites. Radar the Dragonfly hosts matching games that help build reasoning, identification, and memory skills. Travel to the city, the farm, and the park to discover hidden objects while learning letters. Collect keys for a chance to play the Bug Bash arcade game. Three types of puzzles teach kids all about bugs with bug trivia, spelling and pronunciation. Fascinating videos give children the opportunity to learn incredible facts about the world of insects and the art of bug collecting. Educational Benefits for Ages 4-6: Matching/Identification, Alphabet, Spatial perception, Memory, Creativity, and Music skills. Increase knowledge of insects and bug life. For Ages 6-12: Deductive reasoning, Vocabulary word/object identification, Memory and Music skills, Increase knowledge of insects and bug life.
Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 623MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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