Flux MasterWorks Software 2000

This is a Direct X puzzle game that features ray-traced graphics with many options to customize the game and has a worldwide high score competition. The play field is covered with colored tiles. When tiles of the same colour are touching, they are grouped and can be eliminated from the field by clicking them. The other pieces on the screen fall into the holes left by the removed pieces which changes the layout of the play field. That is where the strategy comes in. The player has to consider the current move and it's ramification. You can even achieve an "ultra-high scoring combo" if you move the pieces in a clever way.
Flux Remastered - Browser-Playable Free Fan-made Game (uploaded by Itch.io)
Flux LE - Level Demo 9MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo + challenge mode fixed file and Uplink 14MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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