Imprisoned Gods Civen Studios 2004

This is the fourth game of Civen Studios. You play the role of Alex, a young guy who tries to find his girlfriend Danae after their broke up. It is a short amateur adventure game or you can say it's an interactive novel. The game uses pre-rendered graphics combined with some real photos. The game uses a very simple interface. When the mouse pointer turns from blue to green means that interaction is possible. When you click you can activate something, take a description of an item or pick it up. Every item picked up is stored in the inventory (hand icon upper left). The player can drag and an item and use it to the desired place. When there is a conversation, you click on the words you say (underlined) and then you receive an answer. Saving and loading the game is possible. Known bug - when you load your game you can't hear the backround music.
Free Game 9MB (uploaded by exmensa)

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