Adera HitPoint Studios / Microsoft Studios 2012

Jane Sinclaire has been on many dangerous adventures, but she’s never experienced anything like the mysterious city of Adera. Throughout her expedition, she’ll have to solve puzzles, collect artifacts, and explore the environments to reveal the mysteries of this new-found civilization. This episodic story begins when Jane receives a desperate message from her long-missing grandfather. Using nothing but her wits and a strange stone orb to guide her, Jane sets out to find her grandfather before it's too late. Explore fantastic environments, unlock unique and extraordinary puzzles, and discover the amazing world of Adera. Experience a rich, encompassing story as it unfolds across a season of 5 episodes. Download the Collector's Edition for access to all Season One episodes, strategy guides, and a bundle of bonuses. Play, Pause, Resume – start a game on any device, pause the game, and then pick up where you left off on any other compatible device. Episode One: The Shifting Sands, Episode Two: The Shadow Path, Episode Three: Escape Into Light, Episode Four: Tower of Visions, Episode Five: A New Light.
Episode 1 - Windows 8/10 Free App (uploaded by Microsoft)
Full Demo 3.54GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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