Arthur's 1st Grade The Learning Company 2001

Arthur's award-winning learning series makes the grade! Like sharp pencils and new notebooks, supportive learning companions are key to grade school success. That’s just what you’ll find in Arthur’s 1st Grade - Rich with interactive exercises, 30 activities, and an endless supply of encouragement from Arthur and friends. Laughter, learning, and a lifetime of classroom confidence start here. Packed with a full year of important first grade skills. With over 30 activities, printable certificates, multiple skill levels, progress tracking, personalized graphics, automatic help messages, and auto leveling, your child will experience a great way to have fun while learning important skills. Build key classroom skills like reading, spelling, and arithmetic, plus all-important real-world wisdom on topics like picking up litter and helping others. Enjoy automatic help messages that keep the learning fun on track, even through tough challenges. Grow through multiple skills levels with activities that automatically adjust to suit your needs.
Full 2CD ISO Demo (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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