Ritual on Weylyn Island, The zemaGamez 2015

In the not so distant past, on a remote Pacific North West Island, 22 year old, Moira Weylyn has come back to her Grandfather’s property to meet her few remaining family members and witness the reading of his last will and testament. Once landing on the remote North West Island property, she discovers her family has disappeared and a sinister evil has awakened on the island —an evil that begins with a neo-pagan cult, and ends with something far more dangerous ready to consume the world. Moira realizes her very fate lies in solving the larger mystery at the heart of Weylyn Island -a place with an ancient, dark history. Inspired by classic horror movies, this is a combat-free, story-driven game. The main objective of the game is to find your family, collect information and stay alive long enough to unravel the evil plot that surrounds your bloodline. During the game you can expect to do the following: Traverse the vast island and explore its richly-detailed, unique and treacherous environments; Solve and complete small puzzles and objectives to progress through the story and reveal what lies ahead; Discover and Protect Family and loved ones as you find them during the game; Collect tapes and clues left by your Grandfather that add additional layers backstory to the dark tale; Survive the island, as well as the twisted cult members and their demon-possessed followers to reach the end alive.
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ISO Demo with update 1.61GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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