Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I Obsidian Entertainment / Paradox Interactive 2015

This is the first major expansion to the well reviewed cRPG. The action of the expansion takes place after the events of the campaign. The triumph of the player-controlled heroes has had major influence on the land and tales of their success have reached the remote region of White March, situated at the base of a grim mountain fortress named Durgan. The stronghold has been abandoned by its dwarven builders a long time ago and is now inhabited by monsters; the presence of the new tenants, combined with numerous traps, makes the castle a death trap and most who enter are never seen again. There is still no lack of daredevils, who are ready to risk their lives, since it is rumored that inside, Durgan holds great wealth and powerful artifacts; the player's group also takes up the challenge and barges into the fortress in search of the legendary secret of the durganian steel. Apart from the main storyline, it offers a variety of side quests, furthermore, the expansion introduces new abilities and additional companions for our team. The level cap has also been increased. All of the mentioned novelties do not change the basic gameplay elements. It's still a classic cRPG title, in which we explore the world, complete tasks, develop our heroes and fight in battles. The skirmishes take place in real-time with the active pause option available.
GOG ISO Demo v3.06.1254(12686) 2.75GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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