APT RIP Studios LLC 2015

You are a participant of the APT Human Sciences test facility. Aptitude testing of this level requires some of the most diligent subjects who, equipped with the tools of their Test Suit will jump, fly, and tether to complete each trial. Then challenge your friends on Steam for the best times. If you've been longing for a game that really pushes you for success and the glorious feeling of self accomplishment, then APT will be right up your ally. Earn ranks based on your trial times - go for the diamond. If that isn't enough, race the clock and post against your friends on the intergrated Steam Leaderboards. It's a challenging first person puzzle platformer with intuitive and responsive movement and controls. Use the abilities of your suit and interact with elements in each level. Earn ranks based on your trial times. Steam Friends list integrated Challenge Mode.
ISO Demo 1.23GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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