Ortomania [PL] UHO Software / TimSoft 1994

Ortomania is a compilation of three following educational games teaching polish spelling: Ortotris 2 is a Tetris variant. The game takes place in the same manner except that the player does not stack bricks but words. The player's task is to choose the correct spelling. The correct spelling indicated at the bottom of the screen needs to be selected from different choices by using the left or right cursor keys. The game highlights a part of the word the player needs to decide on. If correct, the selection is deleted, if not, it remains. On the right side of the screen displays the percentage of correctness of the answers. Astro teaches spelling in space. On the dashboard of a spacecraft bearing the word that should be properly completed. To do so player need to launch a missile in an appropriate subject. The wrong answer is the loss of time, a few correct way round. Ortoidy teaches spelling through space travel scooter. Rules of the game are the same as in Astro, but the energy has replaced the time. An addition to the games is Ortowpis ​​II, which allows player to add new words to the dictionary.
Polish ISO Demo 501MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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