Lost Horizon 2 Animation Arts / Deep Silver, Koch Media 2015

This adventure game is the direct sequel to the popular title from 2010; the second installment has been developed by the same team that has created the predecessor and the Secret Files series. The action of the production takes place in 1956, which is twenty years after the events of the first edition. The main hero is, once again, Fenton Paddock, who has returned to serve in the British Army after fleeing Honk Kong; during his stay in Africa he receives a secret order from the leadership, which starts the next chapter of the character’s epic adventure. The gameplay is similar to most adventure titles and revolves around exploring locations, engaging in dialogs and solving puzzles. It also features short arcade sequences, such as races or stealth fragments, during which Fenton needs to sneak past his enemies without being detected; simultaneously, scenes of this type only serve as a nice interlude between consequent puzzles. The first game offered attractive, hand-drawn backgrounds, on which 3D characters wandered around; however, the sequel features full 3D visuals, including all of the environment and surroundings of our hero. The developers remained true to the atmosphere of the predecessor, which is why they have not focused on photorealism and banked on colorful and gently stylized locations instead. Major changes have been made to the movement system in comparison to the first installment; the point-n-click UI has been abandoned and replaced with direct control over the character, similar to the steering in TPP shooters.
ISO Demo 2.77GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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