Jurassic Park III: Dino Defender Knowledge Adventure / Vivendi Universal Games 2001

A typhoon has knocked down Jurassic Park's electric fences. Dinosaurs are roaming wild and preying on each other. As a member of the Dino Defenders emergency response team, your mission is to trap or tranquilize the frenzied dinosaurs and save the island. There are six levels of action to master, each inhabited by realistically rendered dinosaurs. You will have at your disposal equipment like steel-clawed gloves, a titanium helmet, a vocal synthesizer (whose purpose will become plain when you play), tranquilizer balls, and steel nets. There are also hidden items, secret paths, and video clips that play each time a new level is conquered. Trap the runaway predators and restore power to the fences. Run, jump, climb, and swim through the park, looking for the circuit breakers that will power up the fences. Helicopters drop down supplies like tranquilizers, dinosaur-trapping nets, flares and even call boxes.
ISO Demo 459MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Spanish ISO Demo 398MB (uploaded by Tails)

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